esp8266 - Mouse trap

Hi guys I want to modify a mouse trap to use the esp8266 to send a msg to my blynk app when the trap is set.

I plan to modify one of these traps - but I think it should work a with a traditional trap as well. When the mouse tips the ramp (which has magnet under it) it trips a magnetic reed switch which will wake up the esp8266 and send a msg to my Blynk App.

  1. Has anyone done any work with putting the esp8266 into sleep mode in conjunction with using the blynk libraries?
  2. Anyone see any issue with my plan?
  3. I was hoping to run this off a coin cell but I think i might have to resort to a larger battery.

Edit i have confirmed the the reed switch will trigger the reset when a magnet comes close enough. Once I get then esp822 in deep sleep I will have to see how much power if any is drawn the switch.


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Well my first problem I have uncovered is that that magnet wants to stick to the reed switch. Perhaps I will see if I can place the switch under the trap. hmm that works but the magnet is still too strong as the ramp does not come back up on it’s own.

Sounds cool, keep up the updates.

Thanks … I seem to have the module going into deep sleep and then waking up but I don’t seem to be able to send an email.

I would look at pushbullet, I have used it on other projects to send alerts and such, and it is much easier than email. It is just a REST api. Do a google search for more info.

Thanks for the hint. Email will be easy it’s just not implemented yet.

Yes, unfortunately it looks like you can’t send an email until the widget is implemented in the App :frowning:

Okay thanks for letting me know - I find that restriction kind of odd bu then I don’t know what your planning :smiley:

Also I put up a post on my blog about my project -

I have used Temboo in my project to send me email to text notification for things like motion sensing, etc. It is free and was easy to add to my sketch.

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