ESP8266 lower power when idle?

I have a ESP8266 ESP-07 sensing temperaure from two DHT22 sensors every 10 sec.
The application is not on battery, but I would like to save power when the unit is idle.
I HAVE searched and tried the help on low power for the ESP8266, but that does not work with Blynk, the unit gets offline.
I want the unit one-line so the app is responding.
What can be done to lower the supply power to the ESP8266 without loosing connection?

You can’t.
If you want Blynk to be online then you need the ESP to be fully awake and its Wi-Fi modem switched on.

I’d reccomend that you just put the device into Deep Sleep and don’t worry about the on/offline status in Blynk.

The best way of updating Blynk for the lowest power consumption is to use the Blynk API rather than Blynk.begin or Blynk.connect, as connecting to Wi-Fi and making an API call is quicker than connecting to Wi-Fi and the Blynk server.
Search this forum and you’ll find several discussions on the subject.