ESP8266 - esp01 module - Arduino Uno and Iphone 6

The LED in the app doesn’t seem to be blinking off, just constantly stays on. I am pleased that the two are now communicating though. I guess you guys get questions about this all the time, so thanks for the advice

Might not be setup correctly?


I have it set up on V1

What version App? And Android or iOS?

Can you add in a button linked to D13 and see it it triggers the UNOs LED?

It is version 2.18.0 on an iPhone … I can add a button but it will goto GP13 if that’s correct

Wait… how are you currently using the ESP-01? As a WiFi adapter for the UNO (via SoftSerial) or as a standalone module (no Arduino at all) and programming it directly from your IDE?

As a WiFi adaptor to the Uno. However, I have just got it to work. I had to set the esp8266 01 Baud rate to 9600 and also change the rate on the Blynk code and now it is working perfectly. Thank you for your help and patience it is much appreciated

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OK, then set your App to UNO with WiFi if you want to properly use the Digital/Analog Pins directly (and of course, your IDE to UNO and USB for programming)… Although honestly, Virtual pins and a little code is always better and offers more flexibility.

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Next step for me is to research and find out how to control an actual LED through the app

Setup a Button on V2, MIN/MAX as 0/1 and PUSH

Then and add this ultra simple version of code into your sketch. It is a standalone function so, do not put it into the setup or any other void loop… just hang it out there like any other void MyFunction() loop

digitalWrite(13, param.asInt() );  // thats the Button state via the param.asINT process and uses it to set the digital pin state

And then you can try out other examples like this one that will synchronize a physical and virtual button control of a Physical LED

Happy Blynking :smiley:

You sir are a legend. Once again thank you