ESP8266 does not connect Blynk server suddenly

I use ESP8266 and making product with Arduino IDE.
I did connecting server and use Blynk on my system.
But now, ESP board can not connect Blynk server like below.

[140] Connecting to F660T-4LC9-G
[3140] Connected to WiFi
[3140] My IP:
[3140] Blynk v0.3.5-beta

–> reset (WDT?) and do the same process -> LOOP

I checked auth token --> OK
I’ve never seen before this issue. When the board connect to my AP, ping back 0msec or 1msec always.

self resolve ?

I wote
in the loop…

seems deep issue.


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I’ve seen it from time to time, as you described, but I never thought the solution would be this easy. There will be probably be disadvantages to disableing WDT, but who cares if it works! Thanks for the info :smiley: