ESP8266 Deep Sleep connecting to local blynk server

Hello everyone,

I looked at the forum for quite some time now and haven’t found an answer to my question so I’ll ask it.
I have a local computer running blynk server.
my esp8266 (sort of wemos D1 mini) connects and receives and sends data… (I’m super happy with the fact that I got it to work).
so now to my question…
I’m trying to get into the stage of power consumption and from the serial monitor I can see that from the “power on”/“wake up” it takes around 10 seconds to connect to the local blynk server…
so if I want my project to consume less power how can reduce the time to get it to connect to the server?
I’ll do what I can in terms of running the code as fast as I possibly can but I can’t (or don’t know how) to reduce the time it takes for the microcontroller to connect to the blynk server.

it can be a bit awkward that I’ll run the code for 3 seconds (yeah it’s not a big program) but I’ll need to power the chip for 13 seconds…

If anyone knows a way to help me please let me know, just to be on the same page, I just researched the deep sleep option, haven’t implemented it yet or tried… but I’m getting all the data I need and I already know how to do it… just thought about the time it takes to connect to the server and looked around…

I hope you’ll be able to help me with this.
Thanks in advance!

WOW thank you! :slight_smile: