ESP8266 blynk online but not responding to commands

Hey, i have an frustrating issue…
My blank server was running fine all the time… until today.

My nodemcu is on, i se blue led light, server is on(no info like your device is offline", just it is not doing anything after clicking buttons that were working yesterday. nothing happen.

What may be an issue?

Did you reset the nodemcu?

I did, i changed the auth token, reuploaded the code… strange

Watch out! I found the answer…

To the blynk team:

I had to manually click options of every virtual button inside my blynk app, and now - magic - it works…
every single button! happened probably after blynk app update.


iOS Blynk 2.5.10

I have to say i panicked after checking all the wires one by one, then checked the voltage, servos and the node. It didn’t seem like it was blynk (like i said the server was on and everything seemed right). The answer was trivial but had no idea it could happen.