ESP8266 as wifi shield: mytimerEvent seems to slow down Arduino


I successfully connected my Arduino Mega to Blynk using an ESP8266 (and tried to pass on my learnings via a hackster tutorial)

I set the timer intervall to timer.setInterval(2000L, myTimerEvent); and connected 12 virtual pins that transmit data from the Arduino to the app.

Blynk is now connecting and sending data mostly successfully.

My problem is the following: Blynk seems to slow down the Arduino significantly. Specifically it seems to be the mytimerEvent.

The mytimerEvent ist rather large including IF functions and approx. 15 virtual pins and virtual LEDs in the App being addressed. Changing the timer frequency (to a lower frequency) did not help much.

Thanks for your help


Sounds like you are sending “too much, too fast” and thus most likely you are running into a form of flood protection that was implemented back in Library 0.5.0. Spread out your virtual writes with additional timers.

Thanks ! Yes, that did it