ESP8266 as transparent interface to anny uart

hello Blynk-team,

As a result of my Need for Help questions [SOLVED] on [SOLVED] Blynk <-> esp-link I would like to ask what the status is of the planned implementation on the transparent interface for the ESP8266 to any uart. See the remarks from:

WiFiManager by @tzapulica

“Yes. We are working on that. Very soon (5-6 weeks I hope) we will introduce new widget for that + firmware.”

And the responsible (?) guy @vshymanskyy

Are there already some specifications how it will work?

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This link returns 404? Can you update to working link please?
Thanks is the correct link.

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Ok, tahnks for the reply. This is what I get when I click on the link provided.

I think github might be having problems as I got several 404 messages earlier for pages I believe should be there.

Just tried and the 10 releases are and there is no 404 error from here.

Version 10 zip is at but really you need to see the main page as it has details of how to configure the utility.

Maybe try the full zip which has the file at

If that fails keep trying github as the url’s are ok.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Can the Blink-team tell me something about the status of this announcement???

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@Wijnand hello, still under development.

You want to make WiFi UART adapter from ESP?

@Wijnand - actually, this is currently NOT in development - and we didn’t announce it, AFAIK.
There are more high-priority features, and I don’t understand what’s limiting you…
You can just use 1 virtual pin and redirect the data to UART of ESP8266 (running Blynk standalone).
You can even test it using terminal widget, voilà! :wink:

@vshymanskyy I don’t know if @Dmitriy is part of the Blink-team, he said “stil under development”. If it’s not the case I start it by myself. I don’t know what AFAIK meant :wink:
So I want to combine the already existing firmware for a (cheapest) ESP board, supporting a Wifi manager for the setup ( including the login to a Blink server) and then switch to transparant mode to redirect the Blink commands via the UART of the ESP to the UART of any micro controller. The last one is responseble for decoding the commands to certain actions, including control a statemachine (usual in human interfaces).

@Wijnand sorry for confusion by “stil under development” I mean wi-fi manager that will allow quickly and easily pair ESP and Blynk app.

I see. It must be an interesting project, and it seems to be doable, but may require some (minor, I think) changes in the library.
I would start with WiFiManager examples, and finding a way to redirect all commands to the Arduino.
For virtual pins it’s simple: BLYNK_WRITE_DEFAULT

@Dmitriy No problem, for me the oppertunity to work with another environment. @vshymanskyy I will start to study the WifiManager. If I have questins, I will be back :slight_smile:
Thanks and kind regards…