ESP8266-14 and Blynk

I bought an ESP8266-14 which I thought was the latest version.
Now I found it has another conroller on board and differs from 12E.

I found a page on how to flash it:

Can I just flash the same Firmware as for the 12E to use it with Blynk or do I need to buy a 12E?

Sorry, we don’t know about this device, and STM8 is not supported yet…
BUT i think ESP8266 Standalone example should work.

Ok, will see then. Thanks

Feedback for other people:

ESP-14 works well with Arduino and Blynk.

I connected:
GND to Arduino GND and voltage regulator GND
ESP_VDD to external 3.3V (voltage regulator)
PD5 to 2k against GND and 1k to Arduino TX (Voltage divider)
PD6 to Rx (Arduino)
M_NRST with 10k Resistor to 3.3V

Its not using its microcontroller but wasn’t my goal anyway.

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** DID FORGET THE VOLTAGE DIVIDER IN MY PREVIOUS POST! Changed the post accordingly **