Esp8266 12E standalone trouble

I have been trying to make a small IOT project using ESP8266 12E cloud witty board with the example standalone sketch. I am using a 2 relay setup for triggering 2 different light switches. The problem i am facing here is when i restart my Esp module it automatically triggers one of the relay connected to the board. I am using GPIO pin 4 and pin 5. The relay on pin 5 triggers automatically upon restart.
Any help would be appreciated.

GPIO 5 is normally used for internal LED which is pulled high to turn the LED off. That is what probably turns on the relay. Safe GPIOs to use for relays are 4,12,13,14.

This thread is 11 months old. And OP problem was discussed many times on this community, so that’s probably the reason why it remained without an answer. It is now solved by keeping all esp pins low on boot. Please do not dig old topics.

How do we keep all the pins low on restart when 2 relays are connected to esp8266 board…?

Thanks for help though, did you ever made project using the timer function on blink app …?