ESP8266-12 Blynk pin out problems

Hello There . I’ve programmed using the Arduino IDE ESP8266-12 using the example of a standalone module . But trying LEDs depends on the BLYNK program GPIO5 button is pressed GPIO4 pins . You need a firmware update do ? What is the problem? Sorry for bad english :slight_smile:

problem solved. ESP8266-12 -E module and replace GPIO5 different GPIO4 pins .

Great that you figured it out… But the problem is unclear. can you tell us more about what was wrong?

I’m using this ESP 12, which is quite common. I stumbled across the same issue, namely that the label for GPIO4 and GPIO5 (red arrows) are exchanged. GPIO4 is actually 5 and vice versa.

Apart from that it’s a nice board… it comes with a 7333-A voltage regulator (thus you can attach up to 15 V directly to the board), it has a jumper to enable flashing (though it does not put GPIO15 low, which I need to do when flashing with arduino) and it normaly features an analog optic sensor (green circle, removed it) a RGB LED (GPIO12, 13, 15) for quick testing…

So, the problem is in the board itself… right?

ESP8266-12 two different models . No fault in BLNYK programs. thanks.Sorry, new users can’t put images in posts.

ESP8266-12 E GPIO5 - GPIO4

ESP8266-12 GPIO4 - GPIO5