ESP8266_01 Configuration

Hi Guys
Once again I need help from minds greater than mine
I was having problems with my ESP8266_01 and I uploaded the sketch fro Arduino IDE
The CheckFlashConfig on the attachment is part of the error message I received from within the serial monitor

I have set the baud rate to both to 9600 and 115200 again any help advice would be appreciated

You have goofed something during the flash. The 01 is generally only used with an AT firmware, so as to work as an Arduino shield with Blynk… have you tried Googling your error?

And you may want to just start over with reflashing it with AT firmware:

Thanks Gunner I reflashed the esp8266-01 and it’s now operating the way I want it to

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Just use DOUT instead of DIO for ESP01, every flash will be successful this way. Even ESP01 can be used in stand alone mode with Blynk without any problems.