Esp32c3 loose configuration after X time

My esp32c3 loose its edgent configuration after X time, sometimes 30 mins sometimes 24 hours - It halts and there is nothing in the debug windows, just freezes.

After I restart the device it is in access point mode again, and i have to connect it one more time.

I have a simple code that runs some relays, and the hardware (have tried around 5 devices now) has been running with a normal sketch for years.

After I put my normal bin file from before the unit runs forever again.

You haven’t given us much useable information, but my guess is that it’s a pin conflict between the reset button defined in Settings.h and one of the pins you’re using for your relays and other devices.

Have a read of this for more info…


Hi Pete, I would disagree - As I constantly use the same 2 pins, if that was the problem it would be more consistent.

But let me read the link you provided (I am just using the std. arduino example file, and added my code).


You said that you were using Edgent.


Yes. The std example edgent file.

Most Blynk regulars consider “standard” Blynk examples to be the ones that use static provisioning, not the Edgent examples.

Edgent requires you to select a board type that is appropriate for your hardware, and to ensure that the pins used by that board type match your hardware setup, and that you don’t create internal conflicts by using these pins in the rest of your code - as explained in the link I provided.

If you want help with your issue then you’ll need to post your full .ino file and Settings.h file - correctly formatted with triple backticks of course.


Thank you for the help Pete, I am looking at it now - I will try to use static provisioning, just to see if the “solves” the problem.

If the board keeps freezing, then at least I am one step closer to finding out what is wrong.