ESP32-updating firmware by wireless

Hi guys,

Anyone knows any protocol or tutorial about how update firmware of an ESP32 by wireless?

I’m not really convinced, but I found an OTA tutorial but It works inside of the same network. My goal is it works from any network. I need send an update my code from anywhere to an ESP32.

Thanks in advance.

This is supported by Blynk Cloud, but available only for business customers at the moment. You can use HTTP OTA, and use Blynk virtual pins to trigger the update.

Try ESP32 HTTP OTA I haven’t tested it myself but the concept works with ESP8266.

Basically it downloads the new firmware from HTTP.

Thanks ldb
I’ve been reading about this link, but i don’t understand the performance of some functions, i supose too i have to create a HTTP server in some platform to send (.bin) file. could you share me links or tutorials whrere were applied ESP8266 successfuly?

I use a free web hosting service to do my HTTP OTA with an ESP8266. This post describes the basics of the system I use:


@kevinmohu: As I you don’t want to use a web hosting account and all my ESPs are connected locally I’ve tested web servers in my local network on

  • RapsPi
  • NAS Server (most of them have a web server that can be activated)
  • Windows running XAMPP

All working fine with OTA via http.