ESP32 leds out and not in network

I uploaded the Blynk code from arduino yes updated and added esp32 components.
The 2 leds on dev board turned off and the blynk app says device not on. The serial monitor shows the esp32 connecting to blynk server.
Never had problems with my 8266 or Wemos, so not sure what happened with this.

Cool. You’re among the first users of ESP32 and Blynk.
I was the first one, because I integrated it actually :wink:

After 1.0 SDK release, there might be something broken.
let me check if it works. I will get back to you soon.

I’m not sure that this is related, but check this thread:

Also, maybe you have just to restart your board to see the prints

Cool I will check that and try. I also just noticed I got emailed 2 different auth tokens, so maybe that was it, I was using auth token off the app itself. Will try to work on it in a couple hours and post up what it was.

Ok I checked and I do have the right auth token. I still have same issue no leds and serial monitor shows it connecting to blynk server but still not showing up as connected on app.
I’m using a Widora ebox esp32 module with dev board. On arduino I chose ESP32 Dev module as the board.
The board I have uses a CP2102 usb chip.

So, this is the same issue as ESP32 is offline
Please watch that topic.