ESP32 going offline every few min - how to debug?

I just just the same headline but the route cause seems to be not the HW.
(ESP32 going offline every few min - #10 by Madhukesh)
So every few min the device gets offline for around 5s (with stable WLAN and internet connection) and comes back automatically (seen on timeline)
As my code got somehow complex in the meantime :wink: I want do debug it and to find out why.
Is there any possibiliy to find out more details about the disconnection ?

I tried to include the #define BLYNK_DEBUG but with this my program doesn’t work, meaning it reboots from time to time and even with this I don’t get any output to the serial port… ( even not the nice Blynk graphic at the beginning)

The disconnect / reconnect doesn’t hurt my programm execution but I would like to know why it happens.
As said code is not shareable here

When you suffer an offline/online event what do you see in your serial monitor?

Does your code have any delays, a cluttered void loop, timers that coincide frequently, functions that take a long time to execute etc etc?

What type of hardware are you using?
Is there a memory, power supply or RSSI signal strength issue?


I do not see any BLYNK information at the serial monitor - that also a topic which I do not understand… I have put at the top
#include <BlynkSimpleEsp32.h>
#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial
in my former project it was always there but I thought its due to new BLYNK and ESP32 …
as set as soon as I add
there seems so be some more instability, so I excluded it
Yes my code have delays due to a long and slow data aquisition (~2-3s) of a RS485 serial connection and some HTTP API calls ( max 2sec) - not in same loop.
I’m using a ESP32S3 / wifi kit 32 V3 latest 2.0.9 board driver
Memory is < 40%, fix power supply and full power WIFI

Are you initialising your serial port? Do you see other serial print data in your serial monitor?

That’s a good idea, Blynk debug wont help in most situations.

That answers some of my questions, but not all of them. Blocking delays and Blynk are a bad combination.

I don’t understand what either of these two comments mean. Exactly what RSSI values are you seeing?


yes, I do in setup at the beginning and I see other data on this serial port:

    SerialRS485.begin(9600, SERIAL_8N1, 39, 40);   // V3   
    EasyMeter232.begin(9600, SERIAL_8N1, 48, 47);   // 48 RX   (27 TX)   V3

sorry I mean a dedicate powersupply 2A
RSSI is > -56dBm