ESP32 & EE Mini Hub

My ESP32 based project is working absolutely fine when I use my home WiFi or Mobile tethering WiFi SSID, but fails to connect using an EE WiFi Hub (4GEE WiFi Mini). The hub is known to work fine, my laptop and two phones connect no problem. I have read length of SSID name can cause issues but I have already reduced that to just 4 characters already and still the same issue. I have checked the credentials multiple times. I’m at a complete loss what to try next. Any help appreciated. Thanks

Is it 2.4GHz or 5GHz ?

Tried 5Ghz/2.4Ghz mode and 2.4GHz only mode on the EE Hub.

So, your EE Hub is effectively a SIM card in a portable router. Is that correct?

Have you tried swapping your phone and router SIM cards and re-testing?

Some mobile ISPs seem to block Blynk communications like this…


Yes, that is correct. I have not tried swapping SIMs over, but they are both EE.

But presumably one is voice/sms/data and the other is data ?


I presume so yes. I will give it a go.

Tried swapping and yes it works with my phone SIM in the EE Hub. How annoying! Short of buying another SIM/Hub, I don’t suppose there is anything I can do.

Talk to EE is my advice. It’s obvnot a Blynk issue.