ESP32 does not come online after OTA

Using the native Blynk OTA to update an ESP32 sketch, the ESP32 does not come online again. Also I can’t connect to the ESP32 with my mobile phone to give it wifi credentials. I have to connect with a cable and upload the code for it to work. I also have an ESP8266, that give me no problems at all, when using OTA.

Any ideas of what to do?

What type of ESP32 board are you using?

Are you using the Blynk Edgent example? If so, is it the latest version, from the 1.3.2 library?

What version of the ESP32 core do you have installed?


The board is an ESP-WROOM-32 38 pin.
I use the Edgent example library version 1.3.2.
ESP32 core is 2.0.11
ESP32 board

I’d suggest that you start by updating to the latest version, which is 2.0.14


I had to put in some new URLs in the board manager to get version 2.0.14.
Thanks - I will try it as soon as I get down to my sommerhouse.

That worked. Thank you.

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