Esp32 Dev Kit V1 . WS2812 Leds . Control via Android phone

Hi , I am extremely new to Blynk, ESP32, Arduino etc which is why I am asking for help or guidance. What I want to do is use my Android smartphone to control some WS2812 Leds via an Esp32 (Dev kit V1 is the name printed on the board)
From watching numerous videos ( which have probably confused me even more in all honesty ) this should be a very simple task of uploading an existing sketch, connect the corresponding pin for data ( plus a 5v power source ) power everything on and Voila ! Let There Be Light !

But no. I get nothing. The Sketch uploads perfectly fine, the Led’s will work when connected to a different data signal so I know 100% that they work but connected to the ESP32 nothing happens at all.

Is there an extremely simple A- B- C way to do this that my slug of a brain can understand ?

Many thanks for any help you can give me.


Unless you share details of exactly how you’ve wired it, and the code you’re using, then it will be very difficult for anyone to help you.

Some of the pins on the ESP32 can’t be used in conjunction with the Wi-Fi radio, so that may be a possible issue, but just guessing at this stage.


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Hi Pete, I wired it as in this example.

I am just going to redo everything on a laptop as it might be an issue with my pc.

Holy Moly it works :smiley: ( the example FastLED sketch ) Of all the things in the world a stupid USB port was stopping the upload.

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