ESP32-Cam Pantilt

I want to create a new project. I would like to control an ESP32-CAM using servos (Pan Tilt) and display the stream. I use the cam board as a board. The control should take place in the Blynk APP and the stream should also be displayed there.

Sounds like a fun project!

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Thanks for answer. But this is a example project for Raspberry Pi and not for ESP32-Cam-Board.

Greetings 4711engel

There’s one thing for certain, and that is that nobody is going to write/build your project for you.

Looking at similar project are a goo way to get inspiration.


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I have already set up my “ESP32-CAM Pan Tilt” project so far that I can control my ESP32-CAM in the BLYNK-APP using 2 sliders (V3 and V4) for the Pan Tilt mounting servos. I can see the stream of the cam on the PC monitor. But I would like to show the stream via the IP of the cam in the Blynk APP.

How can I implement this? Can someone give me a tip? Is there a widget for stream at BLYNK?

Many greetings Ulli

Yes, and rather unsurprisingly it’s called Video Stream, but I’m sure you would have realised that if you’d looked through some of the links I provided yesterday.

However, you will need to endure that your video stream from the camera is in a format that is supported by the widget.
You’ll also need to make the stream resolvable from outside of your network if you want to be able to view it when your mobile device isn’t connected to your home WiFi.

Also, it would have been really useful for you to have shared the information in your latest post when you originally created the topic. You would have been much closer to a solution by now if you’d done that.