ESP32-C6 does not support Arduino


I’m currently working on my Bachelor’s project and using an ESP32-C6 microcontroller. Unfortunately, this microcontroller is not yet supported by Arduino, so I have to program it using ESP-IDF. Has anyone managed to establish communication with the

By the way, i have to use an ESP32-C6 because I need to communicate via ZigBee between two devices.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you using a very simple Blynk example, or something more complex?


Very simple, some switches. Maybe later I will also read some temperatur values :slight_smile:

I’d suggest eliminating the switches and any external connections to your board (other than power/serial) and using the absolute bare minimum of code to test your Blynk connection. That way you’ve eliminated all potential auxiliary issues.

If you’re still not getting a Blynk connection then post your code and serial output.


Thank you Pete,

My Programm has only the wifi-connection and than a blynk library that works with the old version of I don‘t know what I need to change for the new🤔

Install the latest Blynk C++ library (v1.3.0) and use one of the simple Sketch Builder examples like this:


Thanks Pete,

I will try it today and let you know my results! :slight_smile:


The latest Blynk C++ library (v1.3.0) is based on arduino. I can‘t use arduino(not suported yet)… do you have an other solution?

I don’t understand that comment.