Esp32 and BLE No option to connect via BLE

I am trying to use BLE to connect to my esp32 but in the Blynk console under connection type there is no option for BLE just Ethernet, wifi, GSM and USB?

BLE isn’t available with blynk 2.0

So it is available in Blynk legacy? Is there any plan to make it available in 2.0? Surely it is very important in the IOT space!

Not really, IoT means Internet of Things, and a local phone to board connection via BT isn’t connecting the board to the internet.

Blynk have said that they may add BT connectivity again if a paying customer wants to fund the development, but I doubt that this will happen.
The way that BT connectivity worked in Legacy was badly flawed, and would need to be totally revised in IoT for it to work properly.


You are absolutely right what I want isn’t really an IOT application!
Do you know of another app builder which does support BLE and the ESP32?

I believe that MIT App Inventor may be an option.


My application is pretty simple. I have an ESP32 Battery monitor system (BMS) whose status I want to view on an iPhone, there are about 100 values to be monitored with a maximum update rate of once per second. I also needs to be able to send settings to the BMS occasionally. Would it be insane to use Blynk legacy and BLE? Since there is no internet usage there are no worries about servers becoming out of date

I have looked some more and actually this isn’t an option as the Legacy app has gone! I guess I will have to get my head round Inventor!

I’d suggest using kodular instead of MIT app inventor.

I don’t think Kodular supports IOS. What I need it not an app builder but and app which can be customised to communicate over BLE. Any ideas?

Do you have WiFi in this location, or maybe nearby?

Is this a solar monitoring system? If so, what sort?


Try this app