ESP standalone Blynk and MQTT

Just before I have to crack on with other stuff, I have Blynk running (locally) with faders, all ports, adc, DHT11,
5meg SPI (ESP12E), and have just tried adding the PubSubClient library, ( still using my webserver mode…
will have to add subscriptions to it:) ) Broker also local using the same R pi.
Appears to work very well, so I can use Virtual ports here. Message to other units or systems etc.
Re-connects on Wifi outage… which is important!
Maybe not the be end and end all, but might be useful info to someone.
Just add the library and use the example.


Good idea! In my case I will try to some data. It’s plain GET request, not even https, and will listen to the dweets via bash scrip in the cloud (amazon) or Rpi in the kitchen!

However, I’m about to quit using Blynk shall it insists on crashing every 5 minutes. It seems ESP Blynk lib is the problem, cause the same board works well dweeting 24/7. Watchdogs didn’t solve it. Any thoughts?

@zero what is crashing, hardware, apps? Could you please be more specific?

Hi Dmitry. I thougth it was my Arduino sketch, but after pasting your simplest blynk example from iDE, it runned for 5 minutes and crashed. Since there’s nothing else than this inside loop():

void loop()

… There seems to be nothing to do about. ESP.wdtEnable(WDTO_8S) plus ESP.wdtFeed() before and after doesn’t help.

My board runs fine with other sketches, no electrical fault detected.
The freezing close connection, but stays on frozen command. For example, when a move the slider to dim the LED, it dims, and stays so after crash. It means PWM is working even after crash

Is there a way to include serial vast verbose to debug what’s happening?
Or to set some watchdog inside


Hi Zero,
I haven’t been having any such issues, and I have my 4th Blynk esp 12E up and running with no problems.
The only thing that I do have, that you don’t, is a yield(); after; in the loop. This apparently relates to allowing esp processes to interrupt any others.
Maybe worth trying?

@vshymanskyy please have a look

thanks’ Roffey
Yeld looks the same as the feed command, but I’ll try it.
Let me make another hardware arrangement and I’ll post the result here!
Our fellow developers should spice the lib with some inner resource indeed!

Hello Roffey & Dmitry
I ve made the hardware arrangement, and used ESP12 Q(?), kinda upgrade.
No yeld yet, cause the system didn t crash for the last hour…
However, I noticed that if I flicker the wires the thing crashes, and do not recover…
Fingers crossed…

Thats progress then. Sounds like some intermittent joints in the wiring going on. Need to isolate that.
I have an spi driven volume control for my TV separates plus temp/humidity with uptime being sent back. No issues in the 48hrs its been up. Running local its the fastest and smoothest control I’ve had.