ESP is not responding (ESP 01)

ESP8266 -----> UNO:
RX -----> pin2
VCC -----> 3.3V
CHPD -----> 3.3V
GND-----> GND
TX -----> pin3

Code :

v0.6.1 on Arduino Uno

[517] Connecting to AndroidAP4885
[1531] ESP is not responding

Are you using the linked code exactly as it is in the example (with the addition of SSID, Password and Auth Code of course) or have you made any changes?
The code won’t work for the Uno as it stands, as you’ll see from the comments in the code.

Please post your EXACT code, minus your credentials.

ETA, having looked at your wiring in more detail, it seems that you are using the UNOs Rx and Tx pins, which you can’t do with this code example. See this explanation of why:


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It’s been a while since I’ve used an ESP-01 as a shield but I think you need to reverse your TX and RX pins so that TX of Uno is going to RX of ESP-01 and vice versa. Pins 2 and 3 should be fine to connect to the ESP serial pins as long as you uncomment the software serial lines. I think you also need to make sure you keep the ESP-01 RX pin at 3.3v. A voltage divider is OK but a logic level converter is better. I’ve also had better results with a lower baud rate for the communication to the ESP like 9600.

Good luck! Using the ESP-01 as a shield is finicky. It’s way easier to do stand-alone 8266 with more pins like a Wemos D1 Mini or similar. And the clock speed is way faster than an arduino uno.