ESP EYE device not showing light when connected

My ESP EYE doesn’t show any light when plugged into my system, and consequently I can’t get my device responding to my codes. So my question is: Must the ESP-EYE show light when connected? I really want to know if the ESP EYE device has a problem so that I can return it.

This issue seems to be a hardware related one and not Blynk related. So i think you will not get assistance here on the hardware part.

Few questions though,

  1. Can you upload the code to the board?
  2. What does serial monitor show?

Thanks for this response. This is my first time of trying to work with the device. I have not written any code at all. I just connected it to my PC and no light showed up on the board, so I wanted to know if it is normal for light not to show. I was concerned because the ones i watched online all showed light when connected.

I don’t know much about these boards, but from what I’ve seen there are several versions of the hardware and the factory firmware that is shipped with them.

The ones I’ve seen videos of are later versions which have the firmware pulsing a red LED on startup.
I think you should see something on a serial monitor if you select the correct port and baud rate.if you don’t then my first step would be to try a different USB cable and/or USB port.

You can’t program these with the Arduino IDE as far as I know, and unless you have some good C++ coding skills I doubt if you’ll be able to easily write code that uses Blynk and the image/sound recognition features of the board.