Esp cam in blynk

I want to make my ESP 32 cam, CAMERA_MODEL_WROVER_KIT, connect to my blynk and see the image it is recording. At the moment I have an arduino program, which gives me an html link in this program: Toggle OV2640, to be able to see the video in real time.
But I think that this needs all the devices that want to see the image to be connected to the same Wi-Fi.
Can you please help me? I am a 1st year batxillerato student and I am starting

Hello, we don’t have any examples yet for ESP 32 cam. There are plans in the future.

There are many examples on the forum about using ESP32 cam.
Please use search in forum


When you use the Blynk video streaming widget the URL for the video stream needs to be a publicly resolvable address, not a local IP address.
This means that you need to do port forwarding on the router of the network where the ESP32CAM is located, and of that network doesn’t have a static IPAddress then you will need to use a DDNS service and a DDNS update client too.