ESP 01 1 Relay not connecting too Blynk

I have a problem with very simple control.
I am using ESP 01 and a relay like this:
ESP easily programmed and can be connected to the Blynk cloud in the program. When it is off and plugs in, the pins 1. GND 8. 3.3V and 7. 3.3V connect to the cloud. Unfortunately when connecting to the relay module does not connect to the cloud. What could be the reason?

Don’t quite understand your issue… When it is off it connects (to Blynk Cloud)?? And since when do physical pins connect to the cloud :stuck_out_tongue:

Please search this forum…

And if you still can’t find any answers… please supply more details as to exactly what your issue is.

Okay again.
ESP is in the programmer - it connects to BLYNK
ESP without programmer after applying voltage for pins 1- GND 6 and 8 3.3V - connects to BLYNK
ESP in the relay module - does not connect to BLYNK

I have never used that type of combo ESP/Relay module… only ESP-01 as standalone or as shield. But I understand it might require some “special” handling to work with Blynk when in that combo config.

I think others have got it to work and posted something somewhere in here.

You should read this topic, and the other topics referenced within it if needed…



See below, it could help:

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