Error while opening devive

Hi everyone
I tried opning a de0vice made several days ago.
I get this error


@VIGHNESHNS2008 hello. Could you please send the logs? Was that device active/working?

yes. it was accesible from web dash

.hey errors on web dash also.

@Pavel @Dmitriy

@VIGHNESHNS2008 I’ve asked you before not to tag people when you are looking for answers to questions like this.
If you persist then your account will be suspended for a while.

Please regard this as your final warning.


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Thanks. This one is fixed already. Will be deployed soon.

Is the issue solved???

Still U am getting the aame issye

It’s not yet deployed.

Still Same error

Not solved tll now?

@VIGHNESHNS2008 did you send the logs?

Wher do I find logs?


Yeas, in the top left corner menu

How can I open the logs?

am getting the error because of which I am unable to sen logs
@BlynkAndroidDev what to do?

Left menu β†’ About β†’ Send logs β†’ Select gmail

soory. y issue is fixed after clearing device data.

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