Error using webhook on IFTTT

Hello, i am trying to recreate this project, , I am using everything equal less the sensor, but whem i get to the creation of the applet i get errors that are gona be presented in the saml 6 seconds video. The code is equal that is presented on the project site except the blynk id, device, auth and wifi.
And i would like help on the creation of the virtual button that is asked for in the project, because its is the old blynk and i don’t know how to select the GP4 PIN on the new one. Any help i would apreciate.!

Are you using the new Blynk (IOT) or the old one (legacy) ?

Why on earth would someone build a project that uses IFTTT as a timer to send a trigger to Blynk once every hour!


I AM using the new One, the device is already online on blynk.

I don’t know if that is a problem because i AM new to this but if it is a problem, what can i do to make it using only blynk or ifttt

The syntax for the HTTP(S) API has changed in Bl;ynk IoT.
It’s documented here:

and you should start by reading the “Troubleshooting” part of that documentation.

You should also switch to using virtual; pins instead of digital pins.


Ok, i already check and i was using the old IP, so i need to change that on the webhook link, in the quedtion of the virtualpin, i creste a datastream using v4 to like simulate the GP4 PIN and the values stays the same like the old One?

How did you configure your IFTTT applet ?

The date and time +webhook, the date and time configured at every hour at 00, the webhook os the blue image on the gif on the creation of the post, and with Pete comentary, i think i AM using the wrong IP because i was pinging the and not

Post a screenshot

this IP is the old One, the new One for my country is

If you’ve read the documentation I linked to then you’ll see that you shouldn’t be using the IP address, you should be using the url plus the region subdomain prefix


Sorry i misses that parte, sĂł in the webhook it bem like or it has some diference?

You should use GET method instead of PUT, and the url should look like this sample

there’s no need to use IFTTT, you can use the new blynk automation to create a time based actions.

what are you trying to say is to create an automation time based, i am in that process, but it has one option for one time a day, the objective is to encourage to drink more water, but it can be used to other things thats a fact, it have one option to do it multiple times or i need to stick with only 1 time a day?edit:

Don’t you think that it would be sensible to use the “Wait, then do something” option?