Error sending email from hardware esp8266(local server)

please help me
cat /root/log/blynk.log

21:02:08.243 ERROR- Error sending push. Reason MismatchSenderId
21:02:09.716 ERROR- Error sending email from hardware. From user mohammad, to : Reason : 535-5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted. Learn more at
535 5.7.8 h83sm1172601lfi.16 - gsmtp

i am confident that we are using the password

Did you read the part in the local server set up about validating Gmail accounts?

Maybe try another gmail account where you are 100% sure of the password and you have done the correct validation.

yes set up
i saved the file in the server neighborhood
and run:java -jar Arduino/blynk-server/server-0.27.0.jar -dataFolder Arduino/blynk-server/blynk-data

ok but i’m sure thats right


Read the docs again, that wasn’t the Gmail verification I was referring to.

i’ve read something i did not understand.please help
they found that the file did not open/read


Paste it here.


You didn’t specify correctly email and password for your mail account in file.

As my kindergarten teacher always said… Please use your words.

I am also reading something I don’t understand… you have to create the file yourself… then populate it with the correct information.

It is also recommended you create a basic Gmail address WITHOUT any 2-step verification. And also set to “Allow less secure apps”

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tnx for your response


but it still does not work
I think the problem is that it does not read the file

tnx for your response

i did …

I think the problem is that it does not read the file

What are you installing your Local Server on and can you show us the directory listing of where that file is located?

dear Gunner


Not quite what I meant by “words” :wink:

Just a stab in the dark here… but since Google pretty much ignores periods in email addresses… try changing from:


I’m guessing the OP skipped over the “allow less secure apps” part.

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ok ok ok
tnx a lot

I faced the same problem. In my case the solution was to put my mail credentials inside the file, but still inside the server jar. I used winrar to do this, like this:

1 I rename the jar to rar
2 I opened the jar as winrar
3 I edited the file and saved it
4 winrar asked me if I wanted to update the file
5 I said yes and I succeeded