Error connecting to Blynk server. IP 10.x.x.x Vs 192.168.x.x

Hello, i have this issue. I connect with te code from the examples and i get connected wit ip and then blynk does not connect to server…y reset my hardware a few times and i get a 192.168.x.x ip and blynk connect perfect. How can i handle this ?..can a make a bucle? this an error ?..
( i’ve actually updated the last library)


void setup()
Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass);

void loop()

Sorry, I didn’t get it. Why you have 2 ips?

Sometimes it connects with 10.x.x.x and sometimes it connects with 192.x.x.x (it works fine ), and i cant configure mi router, my provider isp gave me this blocked. My pc ip is 192.x.x.x


This is a router issue.
You need to get in and configure the DHCP server.

What Router are you using? what happens here is the first address you router sends out is a DHCP which is used normally to do the initial setup and once bookted up it then serves the 192 address range - it’s you are connecting to quickly to the router - what you can do is if windows ipconfig -release and then ipconfig -renew

that should make it work

You probably have two DHCP servers on your network. One on, most likely, your ISP modem and probably one on your Wifi accesspoint. Turn off either one of them.

@erasma what you are saying is not correct. That is not how it works :slight_smile:

That is exactly how it works - I have a virgin media router set up as a modem and it’s initial ip address which it serves is a and once it receives it’s public address i route through the public IP address and if I were to try use the 10.0 address it would not work. each device has it’s own boot up process see link to cisco type example

This may be the case for your specific modem, but for the majority of network devices it’s not how it works. Cisco has a very stubborn way of doing things. My modem/router works in a whole different way, so please tell people it depends on several things and don’t assume everyone has the same setup as you.

I happen to be managing large networks for a decade now, so I think I know my stuff (Cisco, HP, Palo Alto and many more types of devices).

Here is an example of what i see when i reset my arduino. I’ll test with my cellphone shared connection to see what happend:

[22442] Connecting to LucFiber
[34446] Connected to WiFi
[34446] IP:
[34447] Blynk v0.4.0 on Arduino
[34447] Connecting to
[41307] Connecting to
[48407] Connecting to

This is another instance…where i reset the hardware…and connect

[22964] Connecting to LucFiber
[31468] Connected to WiFi
[31468] IP:
[31468] Blynk v0.4.0 on Arduino
[31468] Connecting to
sll��|�l�|�l�c|���e�;�c�c��g’�dog���cp��l;lslx�g��d��co�|d��c��oo�l��$�eeogdgr���oc�alr��nb�al�{����el�l`��g�DHT Version
[397] Connecting to LucFiber
[9901] Connected to WiFi
[9901] IP:
[9901] Blynk v0.4.0 on Arduino
[9901] Connecting to
[10065] <[02|00|01|00] 1e88ad09ecb549e09267a909c6e16572
[10216] >[00|00|01|00]�
[10216] Ready (ping: 1ms).
[10216] <[11|00|01|00]Gver[00]0.4.0[00]h-beat[00]10[00]buff-in[00]256[00]dev[00]Arduino[00]build[00]Nov 19 2016 14:03:28[00]

I’m thinking you have a hardware issue. Can you list all the hardware you use?