Enhanced Gauge Trend Change not working

I’m using an ESP32 as the server, with an iOS v15.5, using WiFi, on a Blynk Library 1.1.0.

The Enhanced Gauge got a redesign recently, which I like, but ever since then, the Trend Change features doesn’t appear to work. There used to be a little number and arrow to the left of the main variable.

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Thank you for submitting the issue!

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Hi @MarkPan MarkPan,

Was there any update on this issue? I am having the same problem with the trend not displaying on the Enhanced Gauge. I have the following settings for the gauge:

Trend: ON
Trend Change: ON
Ignore Fluctuations: 1 (default value)
Trend Period: 6Hrs

iOS 16.1.2, ESP32 using WiFi and Blynk Library 1.1.0, Blynk App version 3.4.6 (0)

I have attached a screenshot. I’m assuming the trend should be displayed below the value based on another post where someone had an issue on the Android app. Not sure if I have done something wrong but I also cant find any documentation for this gauge and its settings.

Hello, @Gforce14

At the moment, Mark does not work in the company.

Enhanced Gauge Widget documentation planned.

Our QA team will retest this problem.

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Same issue. When editing Enhanced Gauge Settings the displayed image shows data variable value and degree of change over trend period. Return back to Mobile Dashboard and only the data variable value is displayed.

By changing Ignore Delta Fluctuations to zero (from default of one) the Mobile Dashboard enhanced guage displays correctly. This fix does not work for all the gauges though.

Interestingly deleting all faulty enhanced gauges and then copying (press and hold on widget and drag to copy symbol top LHS) a single working one and adjusting data streams works.

Sad to see there is no documentation for this feature and that the feature is i not a widget available on the Dashboard :frowning:

Hi all, for the trend to be visible after enabling trend ON - you need to wait for it to appear on the base of the latest values during that period. App requests trend data twice during the trend period (and the mid of period and at the end of the period)

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Everything works fine on Android. Just need to wait for the time specified in trend period.

It issue only in iOS

Hello, @Myk @Gforce14

Will be fixed in the next version of the iOS app.

Just need to wait for the time specified in trend period.



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My issue is apparent on android devices. e.g. Four gauges similarly configured. preview shows trend and trend change example. Save configuration. Next day gauges all look like they are configured differently some show trend or trend change and some still show nothing.