Energy won't appear after buying (iOS)

Hello, Blynk forum. I’ll make this quick. I payed for 13,000 energy in my iOS account, and it did tell me “Your purchase was successful”, but about 20 minutes in, I remain at 0 energy. My account is

Try closing the app fully (long pressing home button and swiping up or however it works on your device) and try opening the app again.
Happened to me too.

I reinstalled the app altogether, reset it, reset my phone, and no dice yet.

Well, I checked my apple purchase history, and the purchase of 13,000 energy is indeed there. Why have I not gotten it for 11 hours?

Who knows, CC company, Apple issue, different nationality banking, etc. but it is always the same answer when this question comes up… hurry up and wait :smiley:

More than a full day has passed since the purchase now. Are you sure this just a waiting game? @Gunner

So… doe this meen you did or didn’t get the energy after 11 hours???

I meant that I hadn’t gotten it for 11 hours at the time. But at the time of this reply it’s been about a day.

Then send your relevant info to @Dmitriy via PM (click on his <—avatar link and chose message)

I sent him this thread and my email about an hour ago.

OK, good… now it is back to “Hurry up and wait” :stuck_out_tongue:

Solved. Thanks, Gunner.