End User Dashboard on Blynk 2.0

Hello everyone! I am testing out the new version of Blynk and WOW i am impressed. Great work Blynk team!

I am stuck on giving my end user a dashboard for there hardware that i tailor made for them…
Do I have to create a new organization every time i give away for example a mini weather station?
I have created an organization and added one of my templates (that has a mobile dashboard) and also added a admin user. Then i created a password for the user so now its active

The problem is, When i go on my phone and sign in it says “you don’t have permissions to access this dashboard”

Any Ideas?

Hello, thanks!

Yes. If you need restricted access of the specific user to that device.

Could be a bug. I’ll check.

Hello @Dmitriy
there is definitely is something a bit wacky, When i log in on chrome with that user i can click on the device and control it.

Just when i log into with blynk.app i get that error.

Or maybe i am still just doing something wrong. Do you want me to upload a vid on youtube of my setup?


Yes. It’s a bug. The mobile template is not copied, while web template is fine. We will fix it in the next 2-3 days. thanks for the update anyway.

@danhoo the fix is deployed. I recommend you to remove the invited user and organization. And start again with new org creation + invite. It should work now.

You can either provision the device with the invited user or do a transfer - Actions with devices - Blynk Documentation

Please let me know how it goes

@Dmitriy Thanks, now it works! it kinda be nice if it would popup the dashboard after opening blynk (like the old version did) so that the user doesn’t have to open blynk>click on dashboard. Again its not a big deal at all

I didn’t get you. Could you please clarify? What click do you mean? The Device tile click?

That’s right

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