ENC28J60, what library 1.09 or 1.59?

Hi All. I’m using Arduino Uno puls ENC28J60 but I’m not shure if i need the ntruchsess arduino_uip library 1.09 or 1.59.
Could somebody help me?


Jaume Nogués

@jnogues I have a ENC hooked up to my Mega and I use the ntruchsess library. Library Manager shows the version as unknown. Looks like it depends which version of the Arduino IDE you are using.

1.09 looks to be the right one for most users but 1.59 if you have the very old 1.5.x IDE.

Thanks Costas!!

Try UIPEthernet_v1.59 first.

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follow this link: Arduino nano, EtherCard.h and blynk

This afternoon I’ll try this library

In seems more updated than the Norbert Truchsess one. Using 1.09 and 1.59 and 1.8.1 IDE, my board disconnects from blynk cloud after some minuts. Whith wiznet shield I don’t have this behavior. I’ll give a chance to this new one.
Somebody use it?

UIP trumps the other libraries. It works more stable, though I had some issues with it, but I think that was wiring/grounding issues.


Please download actual version: https://github.com/UIPEthernet/UIPEthernet

I’m trying to improve and maintain Norbert’s code.
I corrected compile warnings, and i added support more MCU-s and compiler.
The main logic is the same.

Best regards

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Hi @cassyarduino,
I have tried with Arduino IDE 1.6.9, compile done without any problem and I won 1.8kByte free space using your library! (I compared on same sketch which were compiled by old lib on IDE 1.0.6 vs your lib on IDE 1.6.9)
Thanks for your great work!


Használd egészséggel.:slight_smile:


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@cassyarduino if you confirm that your library works - it would be great if you can register it in Arduino Library Manager!
we will then add a link to our example sketch

Hi cassyarduino. Could you see this:

I think this patch is not implemented in your library, it is right?


Thank You for Your notice.
My repo didn’t contain this error fix.
I added this correction.

Best Regards

@cassyarduino, please check this


I registered the UIPEthernet library in Arduino Library Manager.

Best Regards

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Good news!! This library works fine 24/7 in my boards with blynk.

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Hi jnogues!

Wich library?

Your library, this one: https://github.com/UIPEthernet/UIPEthernet


I need a function to get data link frame .how can do that?

all function are used by ip /tcp/udp layer