ENC28J60 sketch takes all of the memory

Hello, i am using Arduino Leonardo with ENC28J60 and i just want to get started, i uploaded simple sketch and saw this:

DATA:    [=====     ]  50.4% (used 1289 bytes from 2560 bytes)
PROGRAM: [========= ]  91.0% (used 26100 bytes from 28672 bytes)

so basically, I can’t do anything more than just 9% of memory and that’s my problem

my code:

#include <UIPEthernet.h>
#include <BlynkSimpleUIPEthernet.h>

char auth[] = [token]

void setup()
void loop()

I don’t have the board myself. How much memory does it have? What settings are you using to load the sketch. Does this link help? http://microcontrollerelectronics.com/arduino-leonardo-and-spi-communications/

Flash Memory is only 32 KB (ATmega32u4) of which 4 KB used by bootloader!!

I remember some tricks to avoid memory used by Blynk… I’ll try to find the post and come back to you.

Anyway, using an Esp8266 you won’t have such issues…:wink:

Here we go!

Posted 4 years ago when I just started using Blynk!! I’m getting old…

@daveblynk I am using PlatfromIO, what settings do you want exactly?
@psoro I don’t want to overload my wifi, I was reading that post but it says about max 30%, not 91%

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As per the post above your board is just low on memory. I was programing my esp8266’s with the wrong setting for memory so I limited myself… Thought maybe you had the same issue.

You just have to write neat and tidy code and be careful on how you declare variables! :wink:

I think there is some slimmed down library for the (ye old) ENC28J60 somewhere, maybe GitHub?! But I strongly recommend that you change to another eth-board or go WiFi. I can guarantee that you’ll never be satisfied with the ENC28J60. It’s just not worth the effort IMHO!

I don’t follow?! Overload your WiFi with Blynk data?