ENC28J60 sketch takes all of the memory

Hello, i am using Arduino Leonardo with ENC28J60 and i just want to get started, i uploaded simple sketch and saw this:

DATA:    [=====     ]  50.4% (used 1289 bytes from 2560 bytes)
PROGRAM: [========= ]  91.0% (used 26100 bytes from 28672 bytes)

so basically, I can’t do anything more than just 9% of memory and that’s my problem

my code:

#include <UIPEthernet.h>
#include <BlynkSimpleUIPEthernet.h>

char auth[] = [token]

void setup()
void loop()

I don’t have the board myself. How much memory does it have? What settings are you using to load the sketch. Does this link help?

Flash Memory is only 32 KB (ATmega32u4) of which 4 KB used by bootloader!!

I remember some tricks to avoid memory used by Blynk… I’ll try to find the post and come back to you.

Anyway, using an Esp8266 you won’t have such issues…:wink:

Here we go!

Posted 4 years ago when I just started using Blynk!! I’m getting old…

@daveblynk I am using PlatfromIO, what settings do you want exactly?
@psoro I don’t want to overload my wifi, I was reading that post but it says about max 30%, not 91%

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As per the post above your board is just low on memory. I was programing my esp8266’s with the wrong setting for memory so I limited myself… Thought maybe you had the same issue.

You just have to write neat and tidy code and be careful on how you declare variables! :wink:

I think there is some slimmed down library for the (ye old) ENC28J60 somewhere, maybe GitHub?! But I strongly recommend that you change to another eth-board or go WiFi. I can guarantee that you’ll never be satisfied with the ENC28J60. It’s just not worth the effort IMHO!

I don’t follow?! Overload your WiFi with Blynk data?