EMail widget - Text message to older cell phone not displaying

I ascertained some time ago that when sending a text message to a particular older cell phone, that if the message was not formatted in the email client as “plain text”, it would not display. Sending an HTML text caused a problem.

The Blynk email widget presents the same problem for my project. Simple text messages will not appear on the phone since it appears they are being formatted, perhaps as HTML. The message arrives, and is shown as being from Blynk, but the message body is blank. I’d like to include something in code or widget setting to force the sending of plain text only.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?


Hello. Good point. Will be fixed in the next update -


Has this been updated yet? If so, the on-line documentation does not have details on how to send a plain text message with the email widget.

If not updated, might you have a target date?


Hello. Please open email widget settings (Android).

Thanks, Dmitriy. I had been looking at the documentation for the change. I changed the setting in my app and the problem is solved!

Is it possible to change to plain text for iOS? I see the (Android) in your comment. Wondering if there is a work around for iOS. Thanks.