Email Notifications

I have a project that uses email notification widget
I want to know what is the limit per emails a day or hour?
And is there anyway i can increase the limit as i need to present my project for one specific day 13th March and will be presenting from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm which will be around 8 hours and i will have to demonstrate my project alot so i will need to send lots of emails.

Several versions of the app with different Auth keys, switch to a different version when you’ve exceeded your limit?


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What do you mean by swittching versions? you mean change the token every time?

I also have a question that if i will go to school i will have a different wifi so will i be able to use this?

Answer is right there in the DOCs, under the section on the email Widget.

1 email every 15 seconds, 100 messages per day when using BLYNK Cloud Server

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You will either need to re-flash your hardware with the correct Wifi name and password, or use some type of connection management like WifiManager or BLYNK Provisioning.

I already know that

How can i reflesh m hardware like reupload the arduino sketch? I am using a USB arduino i dont have a wifi module will this work?

Then why did you ask?

As alternative approach you may send data via virtualWrite to some pin. Add WebHook to that pin and via WebHook - invoke some mail provider API via http.

This limit is added as some users do spamming :slight_smile:. There is no easy way to change it except rebuild code.

Yes, re-upload the sketch with the new Wifi credentials.

Is there anyway you can say that in less complicated words? so if i search up virtual wire and web-hook online i will get that information right? I am also Russian by the way! The web-hook is a widget

But i am using USB so do i can i do that?

The same way you did it for your home network. In the arduino Sketch, change this

// Your WiFi credentials.
// Set password to "" for open networks.
char ssid[] = "YourNetworkName";
char pass[] = "YourPassword";

and re-upload.

You’re using a serial connection between your laptop and your Arduino. You have no Wi-Fi credentials in your sketch, so no changes are required to the sketch. All you need to do is connect your laptop to the Wi-Fi network in the place where you’re doing the demonstrations and do everything else the same and it’ll work fine.


Thank you that is what i exactly though and i though why do i need modifications if i am running the Arduino through my laptop.

According to @PeteKnight i dont need any changes as i am running through my laptop. But thanks anyways.

Guess that makes more sense. Never really done arduino’s through USB.

Much easier to use he ESP Dev boards.

Well, you seem to already have all the answers. Ill just get back to my own projects.

What are you building?