Email change

There is no facility to change to change the main email for the account . i tried adding another user hoping to delete the origional email but only allows 1 role
i am cancelling the domain and will loose access to it soon

i dont want to have to create all the streams with obtaining a new account

How is that? You can invite in your organization the user with Admin role and remove the old account with the invited user.

Doesnt work. The program returns :you can’t delete the user who did the purchase"

Yeah. That’s expected. You can leave the old account for now I think. We did this check, as we need to have an account the purchase is assigned to.

are you working on a fix? this is a security risk. users do change emails , in my case im paying a domain registration fee and hosting fees to maintain the blynk account which makes your platform ridiculously expensive…short thinking for a software company

Could you please explain?

Yes, but really rare.

Can you please explain why do you have to do this? I mean we don’t have any domain restrictions.

Presumably he has registered with a email address linked to a personal domain ( for example) and now he wants to revert to a standard gmail or hotmail account. To keep the email address active he needs to pay for web and smtp hosting.


That is essentially correct Pete. When i registered for the new version of blynk, the registration wouldn’t allow me to use my active emails as I had previously registered to the old version(another point of contention).
I own 20+ domains and a number of them are setup as virtual table accounts, meaning that I could send an email to peteknight@mydomain or and they would resolve to one mailbox. Virtually unlimited. I do this for spam reasons and I can identify the source of email abuse easier. I am scaling down and want to use a single domain with a limited number of valid emails. Thus the reasoning for wanting to change the registration email.

Considering another point, If I worked at CNN news (corporate blynk account) and my role and email changed to another another entity and position, I would loose all the streams, keys etc. that i created and installed on devices. At the corporate level this would be devastating.

I have worked in the internet business for over 29 years and I can confirm that not everyone uses gmail and more are transient than you may realize. I have advised customers to change their email when our barracuda spam filters simply cant keep up to someones account. Also it is common practice for scammers to use a valid email to spam, this is when i recommend changing your email, as no isp attempts will cure that!

You can do this with some other mail providers, for example, gmail allows you to change your name via plus sign -, etc.

Yes. And that’s the point of the corporate account. You should no longer have access to any company resources after your account was deleted.

I was talking about working within the same organization but with reponsibility change
line blynk acount registered with
when you leave the company it is understood you have no corporate privileges

you are missing tge point all together…… if im a principal in
im sure not going to use gmail hotmail or anything other than my corporate domain.

Do you use gmail At

and so too the created streams, keys etc because the only way to change the billing account is to close
the blynk account….think about it

Actually right now there is a workaround. You can cancel the subscription. In 2 weeks it would be canceled by Blynk and you can create the new sub with the new account within the same organization. I think it should work.

will try but how do i pick up the templates and keys…i saw that there was a transfer the template but it only returned errors

WE don’t have transfer template.

All you need to do is to invite the new email as admin into your org. That’s it.

Unfortunately i have already invited the new user previously doing just that… I couldnt delete the original account as it was the place holder and counted as one of my 5 users.
I removed the account then created its own entity and i could not invite it , transfer anything to it, it was stuck. So it appears that i am going to have to recreate everything under the new email.
I think you had lack of forethought using the email as the account. Using email is too cumbersome and limiting. I an certainly glad that i am not a commercial user as i would would have been dumping your product instantly.

Email is not used as an account. We just don’t allow to change email as it requires a lot of work (like mail validation/confirmation flow), so we just hadn’t time for that.

Ok, so now you have 2 users within the same org and you may not use the first one with "removed’ email. You can just leave it there for a while and everything would be working as before. I can remove the user manually for you. We don’t allow to remove the paid account as some users were able to fully remove their accs, so we don’t want to have troubles with restoring the accs.