Eeprom issue, can I just change where the version is stored?

OK, I think I’ve diagnosed an odd issue in my code, but I’m not familiar with eeprom enough to just wing it here.

In short, I have a light sensor that stores something at 0x00, but Blynk config also stores version history there.

Can I just change the blynk config to another block… any blocks I can’t use aside those that are already used in my project?

Thank you!

  • Nick

Code snippets below:

Light Sensor config: 
#define TLS2561_REGISTER_CONTROL 0x00

Blynk Config: 
const ConfigStore configDefault = {

I’d change where you store your data rather than messing with the configstore.

You should read this…


Thanks Pete! That seems like a solution to my issue too.

Not an expert coder, but this looks straightforward.