Educators and students

It would be great free plan with all the widgets for educators and students
You could valorate this possibility. Thanks

Hey there,
Check this out

In my opinion, It make no sense if they give plans for free, but a trial version is a very good move. If you would like to use all widgets, then you can subscribe for the plus plan which is fairly cheap 5$ per month when bill yearly.

The thing is that an educator I am, I did some projects with students that now I can’t. Other thing is that 2.0 it is more complicated (notificacions, mail, bridge,…)

It’s not that complicated, if you struggle somewhere and you need any help, you can create a new topic and we will help you.

I’m worried about how many time the projects that are working with the old version will stop working, anyone knows that? I have projects with mails, notifications, … Now I have the old version in my phone and I don’t want to change anything.

The old version of Blynk will be retired at some point, you should start using the new version of blynk instead.

All the code in my wemos boards it has to be changed right? Mail, notifications and bridge widget it works with events. A lot of work

No that’s not right, you can use the same sketch with the new blynk after some modifications
Check this out

Ok, not easy at all. I need to create a new account and new sketches it says. And bridge is 5€ for each device, is that true?

a new account is required but you can use the same sketch after modify it

Thanks a lot for your replies

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