Edit Label in My APP


I want edit Label value form the My App apps. I think this feature is not presented in the current version blynk android APP. But I can see this feature in My Device section. I can rename the Device name from the My device List. If I get the same feature in Label Value or Display Value widget then that should be perfect fuure.

Currently, we are renaming the Label value through the terminal widget. We are sending the terminal command to rename the Label Value virtual pin then we will replace the value based on the terminal input through Arduino code

Two simple steps:

  1. Edit the widget’s label in the master project.
  2. Open master project’s settings and press on ‘update apps’ button.

@BlynkAndroidDev Yes. I know this feature from the blynk. But here what I am asking is after publishing the APP to the app store or in My App section user(Customer) needs to update the custom label name.

That might be a custom feature… probably best negotiated on the business side? https://www.blynk.io/

Thank @Gunner. I hope this possible through the business side. Definitely, I will contact the business team for customization.