Edit Blynk existing project


I’m new here :slight_smile:
and also with the Blynk Concept,

At this moment i have have a existing blynk installation working in my “pellet-stove” by a Wemos D1 Mini,
it came with an existing blynk project and i was wondering if its possilbe to make some ajustment to the project by getting the config loaded in somthing like arduino IDE,

Hope to hear from you :slight_smile:

Grtz Wouter

If you have access to the sketch that was compiled and uploaded to the D1 Mini then the answer is yes.
If you don’t have access to the code then you can’t really extract the code and de-compile it (there are ways to extract the code, but getting it into a state where you can edit it is extremely complex.

If you can work-out the connections and type of sensors/actuators that are used then it should be do-able to reverse engineer the sketch.
A sensible approach would be to obtain another D1 Mini and and the related ancillary hardware then clone your Blynk sketch and experiment with this new setup.

If you search the forum for ‘pellet’ you’ll see some projects where the MCU is used to communicate via a serial interface to the existing pellet burner. If this is the system that is being used then you’ll need some info on the Comms protocol used by the stove.


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Hi Pete,

Thanks for your responding,

What do you mean by “acces to the sketch”, i have the d1 mini there is kind of way to connect the existing installation to a program and could tel me what script or like .e.d. iets running ?

i managed to make a copie of the original installation en pushed it on an other d1 mini to play round with i, at this moment i’m stuck.
By the blynk application on my phone i managed to rebuild the application set but i dont known what button or movement-bars are related to wich pin, if you have any idea… :smiley:

The sketch is the thing that you’d open in the Arduino IDE. You’d then compile the sketch and upload the resulting code to the D1 Mini.

I think what you’re asking is ‘is there a way to de-compile the code into a sketch that can be edited in the Arduino IDE”.
As I said in my previous post, there isn’t a realistic way to do this.

I’m not really clear about what you’re describing here. Do you have access to put the ap into Edit or ‘Stopped’ mode, or are you using a shared version of the app which is preventing you from doing this?