Edgent. How to correctly configure the esp8266 board pinout in the settings.h tab?

Hello again everyone!

Who knows how to properly configure the pinouts in the Edgent.h library. As far as I understand it is done in the settings.h tab? Right? But I don’t understand how exactly this is done? Standard assignments don’t work … I guess I’m doing something wrong …

Well, for example, you need to assign pins GPIO016 (D0), GPIO05 (D1), GPIO04 (D2), GPIO00 (D3), GPIO02 (D4).
D0 - 16
D1 - 5
D2 - 4
D3 - 0
D4 - 2

pinMode (DX, INPUT)
digitalWrite (DX, LOW)

board - esp8266

How to make it work? ! @% & * ^ # @! #

Various board types have different pin assignments for onboard LEDs and flash buttons (and some boards don’t have either).

The LED is used to indicate that the board is in provisioning mode (the app asks “is the LED flashing”) and the button is used to reset the saved provisioning data so that it can be re-provisioned.

The Edgent examples have some pre-defined board settings and these are accessed by un-commenting one of these lines in the Edgent_ESP8266.ino file…

// Uncomment your board, or configure a custom board in Settings.h
//#define USE_WEMOS_D1_MINI

Un-commenting one of these board types forces the use of the associated settings in the Settings.ino file.

If no board is un-commented then the settings defined in the custom boards section of Settings.ino.

If you want to define other pins for other purposes then I’d suggest that you do this in the main Edgent_ESP8266.ino file.

Does this help?


Thanks Pete.

In a sense, it became easier)))