Edgent Dynamic AuthToken with custom Mobile App

Is there any information on how the Blynk Mobile App gets a New Dynamic Authentication Token when activating a device using Edjent? My client is creating their own custom app for the Blynk interface using HTTPS API interface. All is working well, however we are stuck on how to get the AuthToken during activation.

The steps for Deploying Products With Dynamic AuthTokens is here:

And specifically Step 5 is the question:

I can access then config webpage from Config.h file when the device is in AP mode, but this does not allow for Dynamic AuthToken usage.

Any thoughts?

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With dynamic provisioning, the AuthToken appears only after the device is provisioned. There is no API to request a token from server.

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My understanding is that the dynamic AuthToken is assigned from the Blynk Mobile App communicating with the Blynk cloud during provisioning. When the Mobile App gets the new AuthToken is calls the /config page on the device to complete the provisioning.

Is there any documentation on what information is exchanged between the Blynk Mobile App and the Blynk servers to get the new dynamic AuthToken?

The goal is to complete a new device provisioning through the device Access Point config web page not the Blynk Mobile App

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has there been any update here?

if not I suppose I have to write my own custom database and manually provision all devices before they ship and create some sort of flow for the users to login to my own portal and assign the devices… then alter the AP config page to use my portal to fetch the token…?