ECG in IOT using ESP8266

Hello there, I’m using an ESP8266 with an AD8232 for transmitting the ecg signal to the blynk dashboard. The ecg widget I’m using right now is a Line chart in blynk. However, it is not displaying the right or regular ECG waveform.
As a result, please provide some hints or probable outcomes.

This has been discussed many times before.
Blynk isn’t built to do this type of thing.


Is there a way to accomplish this with any other IoT platform?

I don’t know, maybe if you search the forum for other topics on this subject then you’ll come across some mention of an alternative solution.


Have you tried the arduino ide serial plotter ?

Yes, I tried on the arduino serial plotter, and I am adding its output,

but I want to transmit and display it on the blynk dashboard, and the output I am obtaining is already attached above when I send it on blynk.

So, what am I to do?

There’s not much you can do with Blynk, as I’ve previously said.


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You can send the data to blynk, but the problem is that the superchart widget doesn’t support the ecg waveform style.

So which widget should i use for it…?

I’m not sure, but I guess arduino IOT cloud might help you.
Have you tried it ?


You’ll flood the Blynk server if you try to send more than 10 data points per second, and the waveform you’re looking for requires more data points than this.

Blynk doesn’t support the type of sample rate you’re looking for - it’s an IoT product designed for recording data that changes much more slowly. It doesn’t matter how many different ways you ask the question, the infrastructure doesn’t support the sample rate you’re looking for.


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