Easy link with Telegram Bots

Maybe it’s something for the future, but telegram has an awesome API to inform you when something is happening. I have a bot that informs me when someone pushed my doorbell, everything is done by HTTP requests to a specific chat_id which will allow you to send texts or respond on certain commands.
Now I can do this by using one certain webhook, but with a few changes Blynk can make this usefull for every iOS user with a local server to get push notifications, even when the device is down, the local server can send a notification with telegram to inform you that the connection is lost.

I tried to use Twitter, but they find out really fast that the account is a “robot” by repeating or looping certain texts over and over again. (Even when you have preprogrammed 10 different sentences, they will know eventually) And that account will be blocked.

I hope people are as enthusiastic as I am about this idea.