Easy and maybe... ¿dumb? question about house automation with Blynk itself

Hello everybody!

So, first of all, let me apologize in advance if what i ask is really obvious or dumb, but I just discovered Blynk a little while ago, and i haven’t been able to test Blynk with either a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino board. Here it goes:

For what i’ve seen, Blynk really does well with helping you build a project and control it from your phone, but, does it provide like the “regular” physic automation? I mean, am I able to set a real life switch to activate a Relay for a light, so I can use it? Or, set a roller shutter, and then use also with real buttons?

I’ve done a little research, and also tested a little bit the phone app, and i haven’t been able to find it, can anyone enlighten me please?

Thank you very much to all of you!!!

Sure you can do that, check it out here


Valid question, and yes it is possible to combine hardware and software buttons or switches.
It all comes down to your code.
Check out the link @mpo881 suggested.