Dynamic provisioning > add device

I used examples/Export_Demo/template_esp8266 and configured and uploaded the sketch to my nodemcu. I can see in serial monitor the image is successfully uploaded and i can see the ssid being broadcasted from nodemcu. I created a new app preview on Blynk app on my Android phone.
I preview the app, login, it says there is no device I click add new device button, which doesnt do anything.
When I try by switching wifi to connect to nodeMCU, the app starts showing busy animation for ever. Please help.
• NodeMCU v3
• Oxygen OS (Android) in One plus 3t
• & Nexus 5 CyanogenMod
• Blynk server
• Blynk Library version 0.5.4

I just tried to duplicate your issue. Here is what I found. If I follow the step to create an app preview for an existing project that has had a device connected to it, it seems to work. That is after i press add new device it prompts me to enter the wifi credentials that I plan on using for the device. After adding the credentials it then looks for the device and connects/programs it.

If i try this with a new project that has yet to have a device connected to it, I get the same issue as you. I cannot advance past the add new device screen.

So I connected a device to the newly created project using the basic blynk sketch. Manually entering my wfi credentials and auth token in that program. Once I connected, I reprogrammed the board with the BLYNK provisioning sketch, deleted the app preview, recreated it, and was able to complete the process. So it seems like you must have had a device connected to the project at least once, before creating the app preview.

I am not sure if this was by design.

Try connecting a device to the project, and recreating the app preview. Be sure to report back here and close the topic if that solves the issue.

@BlynkAndroidDev could you please check?

@Toro_Blanco seems like a bug. Right now we do some work to move devices out from the project.

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Please describe your project and the type of the created app, this behavior could be possible in some edge cases.

I had only one button on project that switches D1 on and off.
As @Toro_Blanco said, it seem to work if I create app and start setup (Wifi ssid and password) before flashing the nodeMCU with provisioning sketch.