Dynamic configuration

Hi all,
as a total newbie to Blynk, I’d like your opinion about how can my requirements fit into this platform.

I’m implementing a single-gateway/multiple-node local network of sensors and actuators. Its actual topology & internal protocols aren’t relevant to this discourse, what’s important here is that I’d like to expose through the gateway (ESP8266-12E NodeMCU) an (arbitrary) virtual mapping of the physical devices corresponding to the nodes behind it. And I want to publish that mapping dynamically (that is: whenever the gateway is online, it should be able to automatically register new nodes (along with their respective sensors and actuators) on the cloud as soon as they get attached to my local network (sort of plug&play)). Those virtual nodes should automatically pop up into the app GUI along with the appropriate widgets corresponding to their respective sensors and actuators; on the other hand, users would have nothing to configure but tweak the automatically-generated widgets to best accommodate their needs.

I could find such kind of flexibility supported to some extent by cloud services like EasyIoT, but now I’m looking for a replacement since that platform looks dead.

To my understanding, Blynk works on a (physical) device-based paradigm that’s manually-configured (GUI widgets) and hard-wired into each device’s code; virtual pins give some flexibility, but I’m dubious whether there’s a way to suit my requirements, here summed up:

  • arbitrary mapping of sensors and actuators associating them to virtual nodes
  • dynamic publishing to the Blynk cloud of the virtual node mapping through a single gateway

I’m looking forward to your suggestions, thanks!

It’s not yet possible on Blynk or any other IOT platform that offers UI builders. If you find a solution, please share it. I would be very grateful if you do.

Use case is awesome, and technically doable, but requires a lot of development effort, which doesn’t correlate with the number of users who actually need it.

If anyone would like to participate in such development - we are very open to discuss, build, and put it on the platform.